Uglydoll Birthday Party

Theme: Uglydolls
Color palette: rainbow, extra emphasis on the olive green color of Ox (his favorite Uglydoll)
Activities: Pin the 'X' on Ox, adopt-an-Uglydoll, photo ops with diy masks, bubble blowing
Food: pizza & a chocolate chip cookie tower, duh!

We used Uglydoll keychains from amazon.com for
favors that the kids could "adopt"!
Black frames from dollar store!

His collection grew!!!

Who needs cake? Uglydolls love cookies!
(also, basic birthday banner from Target had the best Uglydoll color palette)

DIY masks were a hit!


Our Book Box!

I always find the best books for Ninja at our local thrift store and my latest trip did not disappoint. I found this adorable little book about an elephant (and his froggy friend) and a cardboard box that they have. They think of all kinds of fun things to do with a box and finally come up with the best idea: A Book Box! A Book Box is a place to put all of your favorite books so you can carry it around the house with you. 

As soon as we started reading The Book Box, it was obvious that we were going to have to make one of our own. What a wonderful surprise to find a 'How To' guide for the kids in the back of the book! I don't know about your little one(s), but if mine sees a list of directions-he HAS to & LOVES to follow it! Finally, a man who's willing to follow directions...ya know what I'm saying ladies?! ;-)

I digress.
We had so much fun decorating the box and filling it with some of our favorite books! (The only thing I wish I had done was add a handle, or a maybe use some yarn so that he can drag it behind him.)

Of course, my little man loved the idea of a book box train, so that was our first adventure! Can't wait to see what he wants to do next!



Here in Chicago, we have forecasted wind chills of 40 to 50 below expected tonight into Monday afternoon & again early Tuesday morning, the lowest temps in at least 20 years!!! 

Schools are cancelled, decreeing it a snow day, and usually, it's fun to go out and play on snow days. With these temps (and the fact that I'm not partial to frost bite and hypothermia), I said HECK NO are we going outside. It was breaking my heart watching my kid stare longingly at all of the deep, fresh snow, so I decided...why not bring the snow in

Here are a couple of fun indoor activities kids can do WITH snow!

Noses: cut up pieces of carrots - Mouths: peas - Buttons: berry cereal
Eyes: chocolate chips - Hats: baby socks (tutorial here) - Scarves: Cut strips of kitchen towels


Oh no! 
There was an avalanche and a bunch of Ninja's action figures are missing!
Time for a search and rescue!

Have fun & stay warm!


Apple Orchard Scavenger Hunt

It's my favorite time of the year! Fall! 
Time for big sweaters, pumpkin lattes and APPLE PICKING!
Over the first weekend of fall, I orchestrated a family outing to our favorite orchard. I have a big family and being in large group can be somewhat overwhelming for us adults the kids, especially when we're moving from one activity to another. To help out, I made a fun little scavenger hunt that would keep my son, nieces and nephews entertained while they were riding in the wagon. It was an hit!
Hope you can make use out of it! 

Items needed:
Printer paper
Hole punch
Fishing line
Card Stock
You can download the printable list here. :)

1. Paste list onto card stock (or print onto card stock)
2. Punch hole in top right corner 
3. Cut a good 10" of line & tie it to the hole. 
4. Attach crayon. 
*To attach crayon, place end of line near the bottom of the crayon and wrap a piece of tape around the crayon. (seems flimsy, but it lasted the whole day)

Have fun!!!!



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"I love you" sign tattoo!

My Ninja and I have lots of secret handshakes and silly routines that we do together. One of my favorites is our "I love you with all my heart" routine. Any time one of us uses the 'I love you' sign, we follow it by making a heart at each other with our hands or (more often than not), he'll have already drawn a heart on the back of our hands, and we'll tap them together all while saying, "I love you with allllll my heart." 

IF my little man ever grows out of having silly routines with his mama, (I'm still not convinced that this day will ever come, but if it does...) I will have this permanent reminder of when he would put his little hand up at playtime, at soccer practice or falling asleep, just to let me know how much he loves me.

Some inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.