so. earlier today, i wrote my first blog on here. put a lot of thought into it, had just enough time to write it while my son was sleeping...and then the computer froze. i lost everything. grrr. needless to say, i hadn't cooled off until just now. so, i shall try it again!

alejandro, my 8 week old son, smiles all the time now. i was watching him today and wondering how he could be so happy. he smiles when he sees me first thing in the morning, when his dad gets home from work/school, any toy that lights up or makes noise, & (definitely) his bottle. such simple things. i realized i hadn't been smiling that much lately. that made me kind of sad. why shouldn't i smile. i am married to a great guy, i have a beautiful son, i love my church, i have the best "first apartment", i am very close (in proximity & relationally) to my family...the list goes on. there is so much i am truly thankful for. i can't stop smiling just thinking about it.

and trust me, my marriage is not perfect (by far), it is sometimes very overwhelming having a little baby all day, i am really not where i want to be in my walk with christ, i can't wait to move out of this town, and the fam sometimes drives me nuts...why is it so easy to focus on all of that instead of the things that make me smile? my life may not be perfect in general terms, but it's perfect to me. anyone feel the same?