baby update

oh no! alejandro got his first shots today! :( i wasn't sure if i was going to get him vaccinated, but i decided (after about 2 months pros & cons lists) that the main reason i would not be getting them done is because other people told me not to. not because i thought it was the right thing to do. needless to say, it was awful watching my baby cry in pain. even now that he is home and comfortable, he keeps crying at random times even in his sleep. so sad...

it is interesting though to have this "mommy instinct". there are certain things that have happened just within these two months of his life that i just knew what the right thing to do was. i am proud and happy with all of my decisions, thus far. hopefully, i can keep that up!

so, for anyone who reads this that wants to be updated on my baby, he is growing like crazy! here are some of his stats:
  1. at birth- 8 lbs 13 oz, 20.5 inches
  2. 5 weeks- 11 lbs 6 oz., 21.5 inches
  3. 7 weeks- 12 lbs 12 oz., 22.5 inches
  4. 9 weeks- 13 lbs 6 oz., 23.5 inches

THIS KID GROWS LIKE A WEED! He is between 80-90% range for weight and height for his age...but his head circumference (35.5 cm) is in the 10% range! Big boy, little head. :)

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Cara said...

Wow he is getting so big and I am missing it! But what can you expect, Miguel isn't that small ya know lol. I am glad you have a blog now and I love the "tanuzlife" that was a cute touch.