italian food & some good vino

oh my gosh.
i just had the best pasta...EVER. stuffed rigattoni filled with ricotta cheese in a tomato vodka cream sauce....heaven! paired off with a nice glass of wine. okay two. whatever. YUMMMMMMM...
well, it is so boring watching my husband and my brother play video games all night long. so, don't watch them, you say? well, in this tiny apartment that is pretty much impossible. my son is asleep in my room. i don't really feel like hanging out in the nursery (i'm not that much of a mushy mom..LOL).
so, although the carpal tunnel is seriously acting up tonight, i decided to mess around on the internet (ya know...googling people, "facebooking", & blogging. the usual.) in order to cure my boredom. so far, it hasn't helped. and now i'm just getting tired. could be the wine.
so, my sister is getting her hernia (that she aquired 14 months ago after giving birth) removed on monday and she is pretty freaked out about it. pray for her.
so, miguel and i got into it...i mean, really got into it, the other night. i think that our relationship is being attacked big time. probably because we are trying to do so many things to better it. and because we are trying to incorporate christianity in our relationship. it's really scary. i sometimes feel like i won't be able to have the strength to fight off evil.
it's hard growing up. let me tell you, i really wanted my "mommy" while we were fighting/"under attack" (in like a thumb-sucking, blanket-carrying kinda way). but, that's not how things are anymore. i'm the mommy now. i'm a wife. i have a family of my own and i need to get strength from God to help me through those arguments.
so yeah. that was pretty much how my week went post-marriage small group where we were discussing being "safe" (not physically) in our homes. ironic how satan tries to undo everything that we try to do pro-"us". he's a jerk. lol.
okay. i'm done. time for my final glass of wine.
hey, it's the weekend. lol.

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Cara said...

Meag, Satan knows when you are trying to make good, that is when he will strike hard. I am here if you need to talk. My relationship isn't perfect either, but at least I know I have Noah to pray for me and we can pray with each other. You guys need to start declaring the word into your lives and remind Satan he has no authority over your lives. All four of us and been through a lot and I promise we will all come out on top!