sooo yeahhh...

So Miguel and I are moving. We just got settled in our apartment but so many things keep happening that show us we shouldn't be here. We have had things stolen, the car has been vandalized TWICE, and we have had to call maintenance for so many things. We are moving into an extremely nice area into a nicer, larger apt. And it's in the area where our church just started a new campus. We are very excited to be apart of that... BUT, we have to move in on the weekend of the 20th... Can we say STRESS.
In other areas of my life: Alejandro was dedicated in church today! It was awesome. But what was even more awesome was that some of my family members who have not been to church in a long time were there. Our family took up 1-1/2 rows! It felt good to have all of my family, generations of my family, in one place at one time.
Speaking of family, I have been struggling with the idea of taking Alejandro to meet my dad... Any advice out there?
I can't wait for my baby's 1st Christmas! Were hosting it at our apt, yes, the new one. Lol. I'm starting to feel so grown up!