so. my baby is a tank now. he is 7 months. 20 lbs. got two teeth. is a super-crawler. knows how to pull himself up. and stand by himself. and sadly, throw fits. i am so super proud of him. i could never have asked for a better little man.

miguel and i have been doing really good. and when i say really good, i mean we have been arguing up and down! but, it's the kind that we actually accomplish things and are learning more and more how to have a successful marriage. i never ever would have thought we would be so involved in church and going to small groups and all that jazz. it is so much fun. i have made so many friends. and i have never been so proud of miguel. or myself, for that matter. anyways. blahblahblah.

the only thing i have been super stressed out about is that my BFF was supposed to have her little girl in MAY. but, she got diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and two days later...there was Mackenzie after and emergency c-section and Val fighting for her life. (her bp caused her liver & kidneys to start shutting down. her blood wasn't clotting...etc.) the baby is doing great. she is so beautiful. val....well, she isn't out of the woods yet. her blood pressure keeps going up randomly and she is so tired. i love her so much. i am so worried about her. and josh...man, he is just beside himself. he is so tired and so scared. i feel so helpless to do anything. the best i can do is give them to God.... PLEASE PRAY!

there are some other things that are also on my heart. i am having such a hard time with one of my mentors. i feel as though this person let me down. they are not acting like they taught me. i feel so confused bc i looked up to this person so much. what do i say? what do i do? how can i tell them that they let me down? HELP! ADVICE?

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Cara said...

Don't put your faith in people! They will always let you down. They too are human and will make mistakes. You already know the answer as to who we need to look up to..GOD! He is the only constant in our lives. That is so crazy about Val! I will be praying for her