♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

I have hated this day my whole life. Weird, right? I'm a girl. I'm supposed to LOOOOVE Valentine's Day. White bears, chocolate and roses don't appeal to me. I don't really like any of those things. Anyway, the hubs has always wanted to celebrate it, or at least do something "fun" on that day, so I finally gave in (it helped that we aren't in college anymore, have a kid and I now decorate for EVERY holiday). I HAD A BLAST!
Not that I'm knocking it, but the idea of a $300 steak dinner from Morton's didn't sound like the best idea for this "Hallmark Holiday" since it was the first time I have celebrated it with my husband. We had a low-budget dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. I made Romantic Filet Mignon, Hasselback Potatoes and Green Beans with Peppers-DELISH! Oh and I decorated with things from the dollar store, donated items and tissue paper.

Here are some pics. :) We had so much fun.

Wrapped a pink boa from my "diva party" around my wall candle.

Pink wrapping paper, stickers and random decor.
(Lucy & Ricky pic is special bc I am white and hubs is Cuban-jazzed it up with ribbon & a sticker)

"Remember When" banner that I found online. HUGE hit. Changed the rules a bit. We each filled out 3 and then randomly handed them out to read aloud. :)

L-O-V-E sticker wine glass charms. :)

Dollar store white table cloth, wrapping paper hear with stickers, random decor & flowers the hubby got me. :)

Had to include a kissing game! I put letter stickers spelling out "kiss me" on both chairs. Whenever your significant other sat on one of the chairs, you had to go sit on the other chair and kiss them. :)

Tissue box covered with pink wrapping paper and stickers.

In college, my babe always got me orange roses and irises. It was sweet of him to remember.

Gluten-free cake for my bro (who has celiac). It was HEAVEN!

The ladies.

The guys.

♥♥♥ Hope you all had fun this Valentine's Day. ♥♥♥

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