St. Patrick's Day fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here are some fun things my family did to celebrate:

Old mirror frame I didn't have a use for and some paper fans I learned how to make online.

Ninja and I Cut out/ripped pieces of white & green paper, glued them together, added letters and strung them together with twine.

I decorated my tissue box with green tape, shamrock cut-outs and letters.

I turned a used candle jar into a vase. I wrapped the jar with a crinkled up paper bag. I used faux flowers from an old wreath and turned it into an arrangement. Grabbed some sticks from outside. Perfect. Could also use it for Easter. Very Spring-y.

Handprint wreath with Ninja, daddy and my handprints. :)

Green "Shampackes"!

We made shamrocks and regular pancakes.


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Cara said...

ok so who turned into the perfect stay at home mom?! Not me LOL You are living the life I want! That is so great that you get to do that stuff with Alex. It just depresses me that I don't have time to do that with Wyatt :( The sooner Noah gets his own store the friggn better so I don't have to work LOL