10 things I would tell my 12-year-old self...

After spending the whole weekend going through old pics and reliving my childhood it seemed like fate that I ran into Jill's blog on The Stir today. I just couldn't resist.

  1. Posters of 'N Sync as wallpaper? Really??
  2. One day you'll wish you were as "fat" as you are now.
  3. You better stop picking on your little brother. Soon he'll be 6' and 210 lbs. Haha.
  4. Just because you sometimes look older doesn't mean you can tell guys you're 16...cheese & rice!
  5. God is the only Father you need. A lesson you will soon learn when your dad decides it's easier to not be a dad. :/
  7. Mom's right, you CAN be exasperating. Relax a little, you're 12 not 30!
  8. Your sister is your best friend and you'll regret fighting all the time.
  9. Middle/high school is nothin' compared to college, so for now, just focus on your education. ;)
  10. Be nice to your mom...she's pretty great. When you have kids, you'll try to be just like her.

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Nanc said...

All so true in the life of "If only I knew then what I know now" ! I love you...always. Love, your mom