DIY: fun personalized gift wrapping

I pulled my brother's girlfriend's name for our Not-So-Secret Santa this year. 
She has a very vibrant, fun, girly personality so I wanted to do something that suited her.

I picked up some candy wrapping paper & colorful ribbon at Target. 
(If you need to remember how to wrap gifts, check out this site, you'll be a pro in no time).

I printed Shalyn's name in a font that I liked (in size 250!)
and cut it out. <--That took the longest! 
Then I glued the letters to card stock and cut them out using some of my fun scissors.

I already had the pink polka dot card stock
(any card stock that matched your theme will do.)

I searched around online and played with ideas until I came up with fun ways I wanted to tie the ribbon 
and voila!