Chore/Daily/Behavior Charts pt. 1

UPDATE: Go check out Alex's NEW CHARTS! :)

Items needed: 2 Poster Board, Markers, Velcro, Scissors, 
Stickers or fun clipped pictures, Ruler, Clothespin or Clip.

Velcro Chore/Daily Chart: Child gets to put a blue *reusable* sticker for every task (s)he completes/goal (s)he accomplishes. He gets a red sticker at the bottom for every day he does them all. At the end of the week-you can either chose the size of the reward based on how many red stickers they have. OR we have a "treasure chest" with goodies (squirt guns, tattoos, matchbox cars, etc.) and he only gets to pick something on Sunday IF Ninja gets all of the red stickers for the week. <---I am pretty lenient with some things since he's only 3) So far it's WORKING! Mama's happy! 
Behavior Chart: This was a group project. Ninja helped decide which punishments were best for each level of naughtiness. He's been struggling with not listening and LOTS of whining, so that's what we made this chart to help curb. =( But it would work with pretty much anything. EXAMPLE: Every morning his "A" starts at the top.  If I have to tell him not to pull my cat's tail, the "A" moves down to a warning. If he does it again or starts whining/throwing a fit-we go to the next level and so on (and he loses the opportunity of getting a blue sticker for being "nice to Kali".) If he listens and calmly leaves the conversation after the first time he's been reprimanded, I will take him out of the warning spot after 5 minutes (and he still has the chance to get a blue sticker for being "nice to Kali".)