DIY Art Wall

I love when my son draws pictures, particularly the silly ones. His "spider with 13 legs" and his portrait of my husband (that has an undeniable resemblance to a male's genitalia) are some of my favorites. I think it's SO important to display a child's art. It shows them their art matters, that it has value and it's worth being proud of. I hope that in displaying NInja's art, I will encourage him to be creative and give him a sense of importance in our home. *steps off soapbox*

So, let's get started on that wall!

What you'll need:

Cut each tile into strips that are approx. 2 inches wide.
Apply tape and attach to the wall.
I chose to apply the lines of cork at different widths apart as Ninja uses many different sizes of paper for his drawings. 
(My mom works at a shipping company and we get all the scraps!)

Ninja had a lot of fun hanging up his own art. 
I could tell he was proud of himself!
Mission accomplished!

Finished product! 
I love my little artist.
Can't wait to see what he draws next.