Apple Orchard Scavenger Hunt

It's my favorite time of the year! Fall! 
Time for big sweaters, pumpkin lattes and APPLE PICKING!
Over the first weekend of fall, I orchestrated a family outing to our favorite orchard. I have a big family and being in large group can be somewhat overwhelming for us adults the kids, especially when we're moving from one activity to another. To help out, I made a fun little scavenger hunt that would keep my son, nieces and nephews entertained while they were riding in the wagon. It was an hit!
Hope you can make use out of it! 

Items needed:
Printer paper
Hole punch
Fishing line
Card Stock
You can download the printable list here. :)

1. Paste list onto card stock (or print onto card stock)
2. Punch hole in top right corner 
3. Cut a good 10" of line & tie it to the hole. 
4. Attach crayon. 
*To attach crayon, place end of line near the bottom of the crayon and wrap a piece of tape around the crayon. (seems flimsy, but it lasted the whole day)

Have fun!!!!

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