Here in Chicago, we have forecasted wind chills of 40 to 50 below expected tonight into Monday afternoon & again early Tuesday morning, the lowest temps in at least 20 years!!! 

Schools are cancelled, decreeing it a snow day, and usually, it's fun to go out and play on snow days. With these temps (and the fact that I'm not partial to frost bite and hypothermia), I said HECK NO are we going outside. It was breaking my heart watching my kid stare longingly at all of the deep, fresh snow, so I decided...why not bring the snow in

Here are a couple of fun indoor activities kids can do WITH snow!

Noses: cut up pieces of carrots - Mouths: peas - Buttons: berry cereal
Eyes: chocolate chips - Hats: baby socks (tutorial here) - Scarves: Cut strips of kitchen towels


Oh no! 
There was an avalanche and a bunch of Ninja's action figures are missing!
Time for a search and rescue!

Have fun & stay warm!