Our Book Box!

I always find the best books for Ninja at our local thrift store and my latest trip did not disappoint. I found this adorable little book about an elephant (and his froggy friend) and a cardboard box that they have. They think of all kinds of fun things to do with a box and finally come up with the best idea: A Book Box! A Book Box is a place to put all of your favorite books so you can carry it around the house with you. 

As soon as we started reading The Book Box, it was obvious that we were going to have to make one of our own. What a wonderful surprise to find a 'How To' guide for the kids in the back of the book! I don't know about your little one(s), but if mine sees a list of directions-he HAS to & LOVES to follow it! Finally, a man who's willing to follow directions...ya know what I'm saying ladies?! ;-)

I digress.
We had so much fun decorating the box and filling it with some of our favorite books! (The only thing I wish I had done was add a handle, or a maybe use some yarn so that he can drag it behind him.)

Of course, my little man loved the idea of a book box train, so that was our first adventure! Can't wait to see what he wants to do next!